Spiritual Readings

I tune into my guides and your energy to begin to understand the vibration that is behind your words and am guided to address ways in which you can open your heart to spirit + begin to transform your life.

My guidance is both practical + powerful, and offers insight into core patterns you may be attempting to transform. 

My work centers on broadening your perspective by teaching you energetic principles that you can use to co-create your best life with the universe. I am able to offer spiritual readings for life issues by tuning into my team of guides and receiving information to help you move forward.

My spiritual readings are for healing, so I may challenge your thinking or press on an emotional wound with the intention of bringing about the greatest growth opportunity for you, and will let you know during our initial conversation if I feel that I can support you on your journey forward.


I am not a certified counselor and do not attempt to work with individuals that would be better served working with a therapist. 

What to Expect

A spiritual reading is 90 minutes via phone, as this limits any visual distractions and allows me to better tune into the spirit world.


The first part of the session works on shifting any mindsets that may be keep you from moving your life forward, and the second portion will include messages from your team of guides, angels + loved ones in spirit.


Please remember that I do not determine which loved ones in spirit will come through during our session. I place my trust in my team of guides knowing they will orchestrate what needs to happen for the greatest growth to occur. 


I ask during these sessions that you take notes, as different ideas conveyed may play-out in the days or weeks that follow the session. Also keep in mind that you may not know all the details the spirits offer, so these notes can also be used to verify information with friends and relatives in the living.

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I had a reading with Sabrina a few months ago,  and it was genuinely life-changing. Her skills as both a Life Coach and a Medium were immensely helpful to me, and came at just the right time. I have my mother with me now always, in a very supportive and encouraging role.

The focus of the session made such a leap in my Soul Journey! I would highly recommend a session with Sabrina! 
-  Nora

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Spiritual Reading

90 minute session

Pre-payment is required to book a session. Once you book a session, I will contact you within 24 hours with the first available opening.

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