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Feng Shui Consultations

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again & again."

Joesph Campbell

I offer Feng Shui consultations for both the home + business environments, in-person or virtually. The time spent with me will give you a solid foundation to build on during various stages of your life. A virtual tour is just as effective as an in-person session with the added bonus of being able to work together from afar. 


During a personal session, we will discuss your objectives and create a plan for a more nurturing home for you, family, pets + guests.


Business consultations will be centered around objectives related to organization, communication skills, customer service + and employee well-being. This can also include discussions around building trust with the community if your industry is reliant on local business.

My role as an intuitive designer is to show you how your space can best support you and your needs + visions.


I recognize that you are the expert of your life.

You understand your family dynamic, or your business needs + how you want people or yourself to feel in these spaces. 


Using my extensive knowledge of energy work + the principles of Feng Shui, I do not tell my clients how to change their spaces. I empower them with the energy concepts that can align them with the life they want to live.

What to Expect

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During consultations, I gain a solid understanding of how you use the spaces in your home + how you feel about your home.  

No later than 3 days before the scheduled appointment I ask for an accurate floor plan of the home or business. This floor plan needs to be on a piece of graph paper and send to I suggest using one block on the graph paper as the equivalent of one square foot in each room. 

I will email you a bagua prior to our meeting, the Chinese map to determine where individual rooms are in relationship to the emotional areas of your life, that will allow you to follow along with me during our session. 


Within 3 business days of our session I will email you with my recommendations on changes you can make in order to bring your space into balance.

Sabrina's incredibly efficient consultations are worth their weight in gold for how they have empowered me and sparked creativity and joy in my home, my offices + landscaping. Don't miss a chance to work with Sabrina!
-Julie Thorner

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Feng Shui Consultation

In-Person: $225

In-Person: $300

with travel fee for over 1 hour drive
(Available in Western North Carolina +  surrounding areas)

Virtual: $160

90 minutes

Pre-payment is required to book a session. Once you book a session, I will contact you within 24 hours with the first available opening. 


*an in-person consultation takes about 2 hours for the walk-through portion in your home or business, with additional time required for my assessment + the preparation of remedies / cures to heal your space.

Monthly Guidance

Learn what a sacred space is, how it can support you + what you can do to invite the positive benefits of an altar into your life in my latest video.

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