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Feng Shui & Spiritual Readings

Are you ready to discover what's standing between you + reaching your fullest potential?

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As a passionate, intuitive spiritual teacher, I empower people to locate and transform their limiting beliefs in order to create a nurturing + supportive living environment.

Our ability to trust our inner guidance can avert problems, warn and protect us + help us to keep our balance in chaotic times.


When we work or live in an atmosphere of negative or stressful energy, it disrupts our natural state of wellbeing, draining our energy, contributing to illness, and clouding our capacity to follow our inner wisdom.


Our journey together is all about making the connection between your mind, body, spirit + your environment.


During our time together, we will uncover thoughtforms that create resistance to a peaceful existence.

Sabrina is extremely knowledgeable about space, how energy flows in it, and how your space and its energy impacts your life. Her highly intuitive nature is spot on. She is bold and brilliant! 

-Deena Brooksher DC


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